21 September 2009

Long weekends

Here I am sitting in front of my beloved laptop looking for sound tracks to download and videos to watch while finding the pleasure of relaxation from being needed in the office to supervise the production line due to the public holidays.

Recently there's a lot going through my minds, starting from a guy that requested 1 million wishes from the people worldwide as he is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend. More details can go to http://willyoumarryme2010.blogspot.com/. Hope you will get the nod from your girlfriend and may both of you live happily ever after.

A spin off from the above thought, my dream wedding is to be held in Disneyland but it seems a bit impossible but if I can't reach for the stars, why not I try to reach for the clouds. So, ideas anyone?
P.S: I am currently single.. XD

The manga artist for crayon sinchan had past away. I had been reading his comic since childhood but now he's gone. Kinda sad when read the news online but I can't reverse the time can I?

1 last thing, I've been looking for phone models as my Motorola looks a bit weird. Any suggestions are welcomed