30 November 2008

a blast from the oldies

As usual, I was online 11pm and when my browser loaded the yahoo main page, my eyes were captured by the headlines: Cry Me the River: The 20 Most Heartbreaking Songs of All Time!

Scrolling down the list, there were:

Everly Brothers (So sad to watch a good love go bad),

Soft Cell (Say hello, wave goodbye),

Love (Alone again or),

The Pretenders (I go to sleep),

Little Feat. (Long distance love) are among those on top of my list.

"We used to have good times together but now I feel them slip away/It makes me cry to see love die: so sad to watch good love go bad..."- Everly brothers (1960)

01 November 2008

im a weirdo

it's 5.04am n im still in cafe using wireless blogging while waiting for my team members to finish up their work for the plant design project (FYDP). it sucks actually have to stay up till so late for juz a report but the due date is on monday and we onli have 36 hours more to complete it before kena kau2 again from the lecturers.  tomorrow is the starting of study week n for chemical eng student, there will b a presentation on fyp next week with juz 7 days to prepare for dumping all that we have absorbed these 14 weeks in the final exams tat last for a duration of 2 weeks. wish me luck~~~~~~~~~