08 November 2009

My new phone!!!

In case of anyone who does not know that my phone was stolen by a bastard from my office past 2 weeks, I now no more using my Motorola C261 but I'm still using my maxis number. After going around testing on a wide varieties of phones, my heart finally settled down with the Sony Ericsson W595.

It's a walkman phone as you can clearly see the walkman sign from the casing of the phone and the sound quality I can give it a 9/10 ranking. Comes with a 2GB MicroSD, the phone memory capacity for MicroSD can go up to 8GB maximum. As I mentioned earlier, this phone is a walkman phone so do not expect too much from the built-in camera as it is only of 3.2 megapixels. Just like some other walkman phones, this phone comes with ShakeControl where you can easily change your tunes without having to go trough the trouble of unlocking the keypad.

With it priced around RM 650 in the market, I can reckon that this is a phone that is for people with a budget to control with.