11 December 2009

Disappointed yet again....

Just received the news from IOI Pan Century Edible Oils and IOI Pan Century Oleochemicals, 3 words to summarize it in a nutshell. I was rejected.... T.T

Well, maybe it's the time for me to get moving on and to work hard so that my appraisal and my confirmation would not disappoint me. ^^

08 November 2009

My new phone!!!

In case of anyone who does not know that my phone was stolen by a bastard from my office past 2 weeks, I now no more using my Motorola C261 but I'm still using my maxis number. After going around testing on a wide varieties of phones, my heart finally settled down with the Sony Ericsson W595.

It's a walkman phone as you can clearly see the walkman sign from the casing of the phone and the sound quality I can give it a 9/10 ranking. Comes with a 2GB MicroSD, the phone memory capacity for MicroSD can go up to 8GB maximum. As I mentioned earlier, this phone is a walkman phone so do not expect too much from the built-in camera as it is only of 3.2 megapixels. Just like some other walkman phones, this phone comes with ShakeControl where you can easily change your tunes without having to go trough the trouble of unlocking the keypad.

With it priced around RM 650 in the market, I can reckon that this is a phone that is for people with a budget to control with.

21 September 2009

Long weekends

Here I am sitting in front of my beloved laptop looking for sound tracks to download and videos to watch while finding the pleasure of relaxation from being needed in the office to supervise the production line due to the public holidays.

Recently there's a lot going through my minds, starting from a guy that requested 1 million wishes from the people worldwide as he is getting ready to propose to his girlfriend. More details can go to http://willyoumarryme2010.blogspot.com/. Hope you will get the nod from your girlfriend and may both of you live happily ever after.

A spin off from the above thought, my dream wedding is to be held in Disneyland but it seems a bit impossible but if I can't reach for the stars, why not I try to reach for the clouds. So, ideas anyone?
P.S: I am currently single.. XD

The manga artist for crayon sinchan had past away. I had been reading his comic since childhood but now he's gone. Kinda sad when read the news online but I can't reverse the time can I?

1 last thing, I've been looking for phone models as my Motorola looks a bit weird. Any suggestions are welcomed

05 September 2009

My 2nd pay cheque

So my 2nd pay cheque is finally in, time flies and with a blink of an eye, I had been working for 2 solid months after I graduated from UTP early of June. I enjoyed working life so far yet I believe there is still more to be anticipated for my life.

Wat should I do for the weekends??? AIH

22 August 2009

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS 9th Convocation 2009

It's the time that all of us have been waiting for. Congratulations to those that have made it to this stage. You deserved the stage moment that you have been waiting for. *Claps*

17 July 2009

Bye Bye UTP

Yes, finally i'm a graduate engineer with the cgpa of 3.51!! After 5 years I spent in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, I had not only gained a moderate result that is able to satisfy me but also a bunch of friends that was always there when I need some fun. You guys rocks!!! Big hugs to those below (is a long list and I'm sorry if my post doesn't include your name but you will always be in my heart):

Wai Lun (Mushrum) - selayang pal that was just in front of me when I'm lining up for registration during the first day. Nice guy n cool to hang out with.

Tina (tigertina) - ipoh ee dude that always get my craziness out of me with his jokes.. LOL XD

Erica Ting - penang beauty that has the brain to study n know how to party as well..

James Steward (jmz) - a drinking kaki all the way from Sarawak in ee dept

Chris Lee - my first roommate in UTP n like to jam guitars when he is free.. he is good in guitar

Angie Perng & Ng Khai Yi - a whole muar ppl while I am just a decendent of a blend of muar n pj XD

Seng Hien - kuala selangor peep with a soft heart in him... is he adorable?? girls get ur tickets quick as such guy won't stay S&A long... lol

Kok Leong - Cheras dude that is always bz... always wondering y he was so bz with other activities yet still able to obtain good results.

Yin Keong - a smart ass tat is good in both studies n DoTA... always pawning noobs around in Bnet...

Xiao Qi - a sweet lady who had just celebrated her birthday not long ago n good in studies

Sanjeev n his pals - basketball gang n among those seniors that I first met in my UTP life

Now, as I started working, the time of meeting up n hanging out is getting lesser n lesser as my work schedule are getting tighter and tighter... Take care guys and stay cool

27 June 2009

Selsema Babi!!!

OMG!! You called yourself an educated person holding a high post in the ministry serving the government which is elected by the majority on the 8 of March last year but the truth is you are earning the side eyes from those educated fresh graduates from all over the nation.

Is the term Influenza A (H1N1) so hard to be pronounced? Even I who does not have a degree from either biotechnology, biology, medicine, or pharmacy can pronounce it without fail. People just need to be educated and education comes from a standardized form accepted by the worldwide and the nationwide.

Nationwide terms: Dr Liow Tiong Lai, the minister of health already told the minister to accept and educate those receiving the news from mass media what is Influenza A (H1N1) and not misleading them to untrue facts about the swine flu.

Worldwide: World Healt Organization (WHO) had identified that Influenza A (H1N1) is a form of flu virus that had spread from from one living organism to another and not only from swine to human or other animals.

Just like other viruses, I believe Influenza A (H1N1) strain might originate from human then mutate to another strain then pass it on to swine or there might be other modes of infection which is up to you to figure out.

24 May 2009

It's the show down

It's here finally. With my paper finished yesterday, I am now officially the unofficial engineer (hvn register with BEM wat) with having only the final year project to present then I am free from this forest. It has been 5 years since the 1st day I step foot in this university and all the memories, good or bad, I will treasure it.

Today is Chuan's birthday and we went Voodoo for his celebration. Tequila shots, friends, 2nd hand smoke and songs accompanied me through the night and Chuan was wasted at the end of the celebration. Have to drag him to the car to avoid some fighting that happened in the club. >.<

Wasted whole morning and most of the afternoon sleeping today since I was only asleep at 5.30 am. Luckily I am still SnA as I pitied those that went clubbing and got a piece of their mind from their the other half.

To those kepong peeps, wait for me as I am going back on saturday~~~ Cya there

17 May 2009

interview interview interview

Interviews keep coming in signaling the end of my undergraduate studies and in another 3 weeks time, I would be a part of the work force if I am fortunate enough or else I will go down to the statistic along with those unemployed.

Major corps had freeze their recruitment, rejected by Petronas in the early stage of the test, performed badly in the ALCIM interview had lead me to become desperate in job hunting and when I am desperate, I become out of my mind.

Tomorrow I have to travel early in the morning to Penang for another interview and hopefully this time around I manage to impress the interviewers. (Crossing fingers)

03 May 2009

Last study week

So it's finally came to the show down. After 5 years in UTP, now it has reached the last of my undergraduate studies and by passing this semester, I will be free of studies and tell you what, I began to miss those tat have accompanied me through all the ups and downs in these 5 years. I heart you guys. :))

P.S.: to those tat do not knock b4 goin into someone's room, pls do so next time;
those tat r selfish, pls learn to b kind;
those tat emo, learn to control;
those tat r too kind, learn how to be selfish;
those tat always think the world is revolving around ur desicions; unfortunately it does not n
pls wake up from ur daydream.

26 April 2009

OMG Susan Boyle

Can you believe it?? A 47 year old mother singing in Britain Got Talent and her aim is to be Elaine Paige. For those who do not know who is Elaine Paige, she is an English singer famous of her musical theater work.

And this Susan Boyle totally blew me away. With her try out in the show singing I dreamed a dream, even Simon Cowell was amazed by her.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Susan Boyle. Dunno why I cant upload the video here but you all can watch it in youtube.com by clicking the link. ^^


How can 1 person changes so fast?? I notice in a very short period those that around me changes with the speed of an astronomical rocket.

Is it because of menopause??? But I hvn experience those tat undergo menopause that last for weeks or months. Or is it climate changes but even weather got sunny, cloudy n rainny. Heck, some people juz cold all the time. Confront me if i did anything wrong and I do hate this feeling. Not a good state for a young adult to go through all these. For me, I prefer touch and go. Confront me, I apologize and we still can be buddy. If you dun tell me wat happened, how the F**King hell I know wat u thinking. Im not a mind reader like matt parkman for god sake.

This post screws my emotion once again but felt relieved once I finished it. >.<


20 April 2009


Over the years I have came in contact with different kinds of people in my daily life:

-Those that are bad tempered like me

-Those that are selfish

-Those that are not considerate

-Those that are bitchy

-Those that think the world moves around them

-Those that think every action they do is perfect, no one can question about it

-Those that enjoy the feeling of knowing there are people waiting for them and taking their time

-Those that disrespectful

-Those that only consider a few as their own kind and others are not

-Those that loathe the one that be friends with his kind and thus, leaving him out of his own clique

-Those that uncaring

-Those that are bossy

-Those that are too kind (too kind is also a sin... get used to it)

-Those that are unfaithful

But, God created us in such a way... all of us have to live with it. >.<

18 April 2009

Pantas dan Garang

Ok, this title was a bit weird but when it is translated into English, it became Fast and Furious. Yerp tats right, watched the movie is MusHruM, tzeling and tigertina yesterday night after a full week of working pressure.

In this movie, 1 new actress is being introduced to my sexiest actress collection and her name is Gal Gadot. Born in Israel 1985, this is the first ever silver screen movie she was involved in besides the tv series she was part of it entitled "BuBot".

15 April 2009

Help needed

Calling for SOS from experts in various fields. Can help me in the questions below?

For engineering: How to solve for work delivered by turbines with just only the information of
temperature and pressure but dun have flowrates (be it either mass or

For business or operation management: How to calculate for the cost/profit margin when there is
no ordering cost, no ordering amount and other variable

For those that knew the answer, pls pls let me know... Desperate to settle my project


Have you ever seen anyone that go for a plant visit without an official letter and said it's okay to not having an official letter along with him??? Believe me, I've seen it.

Have you ever seen anyone that thought he went to a site for plant visit which he thinks it is the correct place and sent us waiting for 1 solid hour???? Believe me, I experienced it.

Have you ever get anyone that interviewed someone from the plant for a certain project, gets the 20% information and expect his teammate to give him a 100% full report??? Believe me, I am his teammate scratching my head thinking how to do the report.

Have you ever seen anyone that is so demanding that he keeps on pressurizing you to edit the report you did till perfection??? Well, I guess this is normal... So I can let it go.

Have you met someone that will still pressure you even if you are burning hot inside??? Hmmmm... Sounds a lot like a boss. If boss, then I should get paid right?? But the fact is I spent 1 hour waiting in the waiting lounge of a plant that we are NOT visiting, foil all my plans and sent me rushing back in order to get to my next plan in time.

OVERCOMER, you are the man!!! Dunno wanna hate you or laugh at you.

08 April 2009

Chelsea breaks record once again!

What a significant match to end my anxiety. As been decided 2 weeks ago, once again the Reds have to fight Chelsea in the European Champions League and because of the heat I felt, I actually went out at 3am to watch how the 2 giants in England edged over each other to keep their Champions League hope in mind.

After 2 hours of all the excitements, I must give a round of applause to the Reds as the goal by Torres was splendidly done with Arbeloa that did the assisting part. At that moment I saw Chelsea fans were gloomy as Cech had conceded an early goal. But slightly 6 mins before the half time wisel goes off, Branislav Ivanovic has emerged to be the hero to keep the score tied as he beats Alonso and scored the header from the corner delivered by Florent Malouda.

At the half time break, me and my mates were supprised by the 4-0 beating of Bayern Munich by Barcelona. Maybe Bayern haven't overcome from their lost to Wolfsburg during the weekends, well who knows. Shortly after that, the wisel was blown once more to signal the start of the 2nd half for the England side. At this time, I saw more attacks from Chelsea but Liverpool counterred it well although there are no goals yet. At the timemark of 62 mins, Ivanovic once again had scored the header delivered by Frank Lampard.

Just 5 mins later, a splendid work by Florent Malouda to deliver the low cross and Didier Drogba had tipped in his first goal after attempts. The scoreline is now Liverpool 1-3 Chelsea. With 7 mins to play on, Liverpool fought on with their very best by bringing in Ryan Babel and Visso Benayoun but the effort does not pay off.

I am now eagerly waiting to watch the home team welcoming Liverpool in the 2nd leg of the match. Hope it will be an all-out match from the 2 sides. And of course, I hoping Chelsea can meet Barcelona in the semi finals.

28 March 2009

Earth Hour

Come on guys! Let's support today's event by just switching off all your electrical appliances for only just an hour.. Even 8tv and Fly Fm also will stop their broadcasting and going off air later at 8.30pm. Save Mother nature before it's too late

17 March 2009

meaningless night

here i am... sitting in v5 cafe with my eyes wondering around looking for sth to be done while my project group members are finishing up their last minute work. tomorrow will be my presentation for the plant design project. hope it will starts well n ends well too. crossing fingers... >.<

16 February 2009

25 random things about me

1) I am just a big-boned without my 4 inch belly

2) I enjoyed loud musics and sentimental.... time to get emo

3) I rather stayed at home than to spend unnecessary cash outdoor during economy crunch

4) I prefer to date girls younger than me

5) I will be graduating this June and hope tat will get a job real soon

6) I am having a headache about my 2 final year projects

7) I did spent this valentine's day alone in the room for the night

8) I am an american born chinese or u can call me an abc

9) I grew up to b a city boy but i prefer to be in a secluded place where the lifestyle will be more relaxing

10) I love to drink ribena alot but i dun like the ribena with apple... taste so fake

11) I love milo ais for breakfast, coffee for tea break and chinese tea when taking dim sum.

12) going to be an engineer but still dunno wat the heck an engineer suppose to contribute to the society

13) dun like memorizing facts but the maths thing kinda glued to me

14) addicted to chocolate flavored milk

15) wished to go japan for vacation

16) wished to have an easy job which pays high (dun mind me, juz merely a day-dream)

17) wish to be friends with taylor swift, hailey williams, keira knightley, and emma watson

18) wish to have a household robot tat does the cleaning by itself

19) hope tat tonight will have a good night sleep

20) was wondering y chemical eng students have to do plant design project while other eng students no need

21) is having a joint pain after the foot ball juz now

22) is looking for a nice shot of adrenaline to keep me awake for the moment

23) is drawing back the last sem's plant layout in a new standard

24) is hoping tat he is able to grad this sem by working hard and playing harder

25) likes detective story and legends a lot

20 January 2009

xiamen and chao zhou trip- 2nd posting

Dunno why I can't post even more pictures in the previous post but heck, I am continuing it here. Here goes the rest of the photos from my ancestral hometown...

- Looking pretty aren't they... oink oink

- the temple for SIM family

- the guardian dog of the SIM family temple

- one of the house left behind in the ancestral hometown

15 January 2009

my 2nd post for 2009 - the china trip

Finally, a time for me to blog about my visit to China as to go back to my ancestral hometown. In the trip I went down to 2 cities, Xiamen and ChaoZhou where ChaoZhou is my ancestral hometown and Xiamen is one of the earliest port city opened up to the foreigners after the opium War.

Places to visit in Xiamen will be Gu Lang Yu, Nan Pu Tuo, Hu Li Shan Fortress and for the night market, please do visit Zhong Shan Lu (Zhong Shan Road). To go Gu Lang Yu, just simply take either a bus or a taxi to the ferry port and the ferry will ferry you to Gu Lang Yu. Do not worry about which bus to take as at every bus stop there will be a notice board for the travellers to check the bus number againts their route and suprisingly enough, the bus fare is only RMB 1 yuan on board. No matter how far is your distance, you need to pay only 1 yuan to get on board and wala, you will be at your destination in no time. A truly budget saving tip for all the back packers.

-the entrance of the Gu Lang Yu

- The archway at the entrance of Xu family (Gu Lang Yu)

-the art piece on the gate (Gu Lang Yu)

- Some real old building of British architecture (Gu Lang Yu)

- A British building turned into some sort of museum (Gu Lang Yu)

- the bronze sculpture of General KoXingGa (Gu Lang Yu)

-the helmet and sword believed to be KoXingGa's (Gu Lang Yu)

Ok Ok, time for some Chinese History class. Ko Xing Ga (Guo Xing Yeh or Zhen Cheng Gong) is the military leader during Ming dynasty that strongly opposed the invasion from the Manchurian and after Manchurian controls the mainland, Ko Xing Ga sailed up to Taiwan and settled down as an opposition force against the Qing dynasty.

-the whole view of Xiamen city from the top of Nan Pu Tuo (Xiamen)

-Inside of Nan Pu Tuo (Xiamen)

- the map of Hu Li Shan Fortress (Xiamen)

-the meeting room for the military officers (Xiamen)

- the krupp cannon in the Hu Li Shan fortress (Xiamen)

Half of my trip was focused on the place where my ancestors came from Chao Zhou. In Chao Zhou, places of interest will be the memorial park of Han Yu (Han Wen Gong), the Xiang Zi bridge, the Guang Ji gateway, the Xi Hu, and the Kai Yuan temple.

- the gateway of Guang Ji (Chao Zhou)

- the defensive tower for archers and patrol soldiers on top of the Guang Ji gateway (Chao Zhou)

- the Xiang Zi bridge (Chao Zhou)

What amazed me is the structure of the bridge. Did you see at the center of the bridge where there is a line of boat sitting in between the bridge instead of concrete. In every evening, the line of boat will open up a pathway for the other boats to sail down the river.

- boats sailing down the river through Xiang Zi bridge (Chao Zhou)

- Han Yu Memorial Park (Chao Zhou)

- Han Yu seeing off his friend (Chao Zhou)

- Kai Yuan temple (Chao Zhou)

- Inner part of Kai Yuan temple (Chao Zhou)

My ancestral hometown is in Chao Zhou city, Chao An district in the village called Hua Mei.

- the old house of the SIM family (Chao Zhou)

11 January 2009

happy new year/ sad new year???

Hey guys and girls... time flies by and without realizing it's 2009 this year.. Geez, after 12 days of the new year, a lot of things happened around me and I do not know which to blog first. Well, it always better to start off with the bad things first then the good things right? Off it goes....

For the first time ever, I borrowed my dad's car for 3 weeks usage in UTP (according to Jason, it's universiti tiada perempuan) and I got it into accident. When I was reversing the car, a car was coming into the way and bonk!, my car rear bumper went into the car side. In the end, I settled the fella without needing to lodge a police report but my wallet bleeds seriously. 450 for the fella's car and 385 for my dad's car repairing cost. 1 big big ang pau for the mechanics, so you guys better thank me for that. Hmph!!!! 

The good stuff will be shared in next post as I getting lazy d... adios............