23 September 2007

Thx Jose Mourinho n fak england FA

Last Thursday the whole London was shocked with the news of Jose Mourinho is leaving Chelsea after all the efforts he put in to make Chelsea rose to beating Man U down to ground 2 years in a row n have the honour to become the EPL champions. He sent Chelsea to the UECL which onli falls out from the run due to the lost to Liverpool last season. I as a Chelsea fan was greatly sadden by the news, y Abromovich cant foresee the effects of having Jose Mourinho in the manager seat??

England FA, a corrupted body I can say. For an instant, carlos teves was forced to leave west ham when fergie stated his intention of transfering him to man u after seeing his performance. Although west ham refused to let him go but in the end, 'pop' tevez appears with the red devils n bearing the jersey numbered 32. When the season starts, west ham manager told the press that FA is siding man u as FA approves the transfer of tevez from the hammers to the red devils with juz a blink of the eye while to replace the lost of the striker, west ham had face lots of obstruction to sign in an Argentine player whose name I had forgotten.

Bet all the man u fans watched the match of the Man U - Chelsea right? if u do think tat man u deserved to win tat match, kiss my ass n give fergie the pleasure by offering urself. Saha excuting a frog jump in between the 2 defenders with the slightest contact I have seen so far n yet he got a penalty kick while rooney delibrately pushed down A.Cole when he's fighting for a ball n he managed to go away without a card or a verbal warning. SHAME ON URSELF, MAN U FANS. MAN U players r no more professional since they can play whichever way they wished to since the whole england FA is standing behind them giving them support.