24 May 2009

It's the show down

It's here finally. With my paper finished yesterday, I am now officially the unofficial engineer (hvn register with BEM wat) with having only the final year project to present then I am free from this forest. It has been 5 years since the 1st day I step foot in this university and all the memories, good or bad, I will treasure it.

Today is Chuan's birthday and we went Voodoo for his celebration. Tequila shots, friends, 2nd hand smoke and songs accompanied me through the night and Chuan was wasted at the end of the celebration. Have to drag him to the car to avoid some fighting that happened in the club. >.<

Wasted whole morning and most of the afternoon sleeping today since I was only asleep at 5.30 am. Luckily I am still SnA as I pitied those that went clubbing and got a piece of their mind from their the other half.

To those kepong peeps, wait for me as I am going back on saturday~~~ Cya there