16 February 2009

25 random things about me

1) I am just a big-boned without my 4 inch belly

2) I enjoyed loud musics and sentimental.... time to get emo

3) I rather stayed at home than to spend unnecessary cash outdoor during economy crunch

4) I prefer to date girls younger than me

5) I will be graduating this June and hope tat will get a job real soon

6) I am having a headache about my 2 final year projects

7) I did spent this valentine's day alone in the room for the night

8) I am an american born chinese or u can call me an abc

9) I grew up to b a city boy but i prefer to be in a secluded place where the lifestyle will be more relaxing

10) I love to drink ribena alot but i dun like the ribena with apple... taste so fake

11) I love milo ais for breakfast, coffee for tea break and chinese tea when taking dim sum.

12) going to be an engineer but still dunno wat the heck an engineer suppose to contribute to the society

13) dun like memorizing facts but the maths thing kinda glued to me

14) addicted to chocolate flavored milk

15) wished to go japan for vacation

16) wished to have an easy job which pays high (dun mind me, juz merely a day-dream)

17) wish to be friends with taylor swift, hailey williams, keira knightley, and emma watson

18) wish to have a household robot tat does the cleaning by itself

19) hope tat tonight will have a good night sleep

20) was wondering y chemical eng students have to do plant design project while other eng students no need

21) is having a joint pain after the foot ball juz now

22) is looking for a nice shot of adrenaline to keep me awake for the moment

23) is drawing back the last sem's plant layout in a new standard

24) is hoping tat he is able to grad this sem by working hard and playing harder

25) likes detective story and legends a lot