23 February 2007

happy chinese new year

here i am. the 6th day of the cny n i still hvn go for any house visiting with frens. wondering either i doesnt hv the enthusiasm or juz simply lazy to go out? anyway, hope tat tomorrow will b great as my frens who also my ex-classmates will b comin n raid my house.. hahaha. will certainly b gladful 2 meet them as i hvn meet them since the last day i still in my sixth form which is 4 years ago. wow... tats a long period! although for me the 4 years were like a day. besides frens comin over i will b also goin to some of the ppl i knew for some ang-pao gathering mission. lolx.. ang pao ang pao, good sign for a new year. more ang more good.(sounds like a money craving child... :D)juz finished dinner with my relatives, a normal dinner with an expensive price to pay. DUN EVER GO FOR MEALS DURING CNY!!!!!!!!!! seriously. 2 tables consisting 15 ppl, 6 dishes each table had costed nearly 500 bucks. woohoo!!! not tat we cant afford it but the inflation during the festive period was skyrocketing. no wonder ppl said those who had venture into F&B industries wont go broke so easily, especially those who willing to sacrifice their public holidays n open up the restaurant for business. so guys, try to get into this line of business n earn big b4 sth happened in the future.

16 February 2007

back at home

wow finally im back at home getting prepared for the CNY which is onli 2 days after.. after 7 hours of dreadful journey which usually onli is 4 hours plus, im back! the bus driver was juz beyond stupidity coz i'd boarded the bus scheduled for kl which he ended up turning around my area, kepong without much lead where he's goin as he curved up n down, left to right in order to get to jln kuching while there is always a straight road with correct signboards leading motorists to jln kuching from the spot where the bus driver started to drive like a headless fly. the crowd in kl sentral was beyond imagination, nvr once i had to queue up to buy my ticket to the destination im headin to but today it really opened up my eyes. met derrick who had left earlier with gary but they went around for food hunting n somehow derrick onli arrived the sentral almost same time as us.

reached home at 9++pm with an absolute starved tummy(last meal was at 12noon :P), whalloped all the remnants n started to dig out some chocs n beverages kept in the fridge to satisfy my stomach. shared the happenings around me with my family members after the dinner while eyes were planted to the american idol audition where paul abdullah, simon, n randal had picked out their top 24 out of all the ppl who attended the audition. now here i am, blogging b4 hit the sack rejuvenating the body for tomorrow's journey down south to muar... MUAR HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!

15 February 2007

post valentines entry

let me see... yesterday was the valentines day of the year n for a singles like me, the day had juz passed normally without me even realizing it's valentines not until someone mentioned dating n craps like tat....thx to my uni mates tat had occupied me with some jokes n gaming sessions which really made me felt tat im not alone after all...:P

there was once the idea of buying dinner for my uni mate crossed my mind but with other factors affecting my decision, i finally called it off n decided to date with my separation process lab report(wat a wonderful partner for the night). the lab report had been settled yesterday itself n i'd made some quick calls to the travel agencies which i kept in my contact list enquiring about the itenary for kota kinabalu.. after 20 years, now onli i be able to step foot on mount kinabalu... pity this poor guy...looked up for certain websites for the details of kota kinabalu's attraction while discussing with fu shen bout the trip as we not certain the attractions tat we planning to pay a visit to...

CNY is comin.... gong xi fa chai n most important of all, where is my ang pao??? lolx. CNY is the time when i'll b able to feast myself with great cookies n food n some house to house visiting. those living in kepong, im goin over this year... sorry tat i cant make it last year coz last year i planned to b guai chai but for this year, the plan of being a goodie goodie had been washed down the drain... :)

11 February 2007

a weekend

fnally im back from kepong after a 3 days n 2 nights stay back at my home sweet home. lots of ppl asking y am i so enthusiastic in goin back as i will also b goin back the comin weekend. well actually my school had organized the CNY celebration n all the chinese language society committees were asked to be present for this grand ceremony as it is the first time to be ever organized in my school. big thanks for the support given mr. ong, n not forgetting the YB tat attented for the opening ceremony. met a lot of teachers who teached us for the past years n i had to admit they r great in memorizing student names as they can still recall when they teached us n who n who r in the same year n class.

besides goin back for the ceremony n reunion, actually i was supposed to pick up 2 things for my frens which in the end 1 ffk-ed me n the other 1 was passed to the other fren of mine. saved my time travelling n money for public transport squeezing like a can of sardines in the ktm compartment. :P coz the fella said COD in kepong area n i was like hmmmmm, i can get it for u provided is in kepong area which turned out the trading area is to be in serdang ktm station... sweat... went back to school for the event n was amazed by the number of students tat turned up for tat day. 6 other schools joined for the performance night n tonnes of food were served (although it's normal), games were played, n most of all, calligraphy contest was also held on tat day. how i wished the event can be done in my days, thx to the principal n the co-cu advisor tat time, it's a no-no for us... darn!

8pm went over to ai ai's place for a simple bbq (very simple indeed, onli 6 of us including the host herself...^.^) stories were shared, n tales were told. n HAPPY BIRTHDAY JING WERN!!! tho im not sure tat the bbq was purposedly made for u or wat but u had turned 21 by this year, n u had the voting power d... remembered wat we said tat night.... :)

gonna pen off now..too tired to focus on other things..lolx. cya in next post