28 July 2008

start of the new sem

yahoo, it's the start of the new sem (eh, it's already the 2nd week of the sem??). well, this will b my final year in utp (hopefully) and with the fyp n the fydp all flooding in and haunting my mind, i guess it wont b an easy year for me tho. due date to meet, supervisors to entertain, classes not to be missed, assignments, tests and final exams, who the hell said tat uni life is a lepaking life??

timetable was ok but i dun think there is time for me to rest lor. based on the meeting yesterday for the fydp, i guess ill be the kuli n they will b the ones tat shakes leg throughout the year. aih, who can help me with the plan design? i promise i will treat u a decent meal. :P

14 July 2008

is it over yet??

wow, my intern has been extended for another week. to tell the truth, me myself do not know either should i be happy or should i be sad. happy because this extension will occupy my free time as i got nth to do back at home but the thing tat drives me crazy is the host company did not inform me hows the pay will be for my extension as my TRAINEE agreement ended last friday.