07 November 2007

Starting XI

Wenger - My problem with player quotas

By Richard Clarke

Arsène Wenger believes quotas on foreign players are a thing of the past.

The issue has hit the headlines again after Fifa president Sepp Blatter proposed starting XIs be restricted to just five overseas stars in order to nurture home-grown talent. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has lent his support to the idea.

However Wenger argues that the global nature of modern football has made such restrictions obsolete and, crucially, he suggests the influx of foreign players raises — not lowers — standards in England.

“I always felt that sport rewards quality and does not hide behind artificial rules,” he said ahead of the Champions League tie at Slavia Prague.

“If you put the level of the class down, it does not necessarily make the bad students better. It makes them worse.

“To compete with the best players in the world is a chance to improve your level. In Europe we are very rigid and difficult to move forwards because we are all [different] countries and are a bit conservative.

“But if you organise a golf tournament people go to watch Tiger Woods, whether that is in Scotland or anywhere else. When you go to Wimbledon, you want to see Roger Federer.

“That is what people want today. The world has moved. People demand to see the best in the world and you cannot get them to watch a level down anymore.”

I agree with wateva wenger juz said. a person will onli flourish when they feel pressure and in order to have the attention tat they r seeking, they have to strive hard to get it. The simplest example, Thomas Elva Edison, a person tat I believe no one will claim tat they do not know this person especially in this modern world of technology. Being labeled as a annoying brat by the teachers in school, he strived hard to obtain the knowledge tru his mother who is home-schooled him after he was dismissed from the official school. He doesnt give up on experimenting after his hearing senses were taken away by train conductor's struck after his chemical lab was caught fire in a carbox. Thousands n thousands of materials he tried b4 he successfully found the element for the long lasting light bulb tat will burn for "hundreds of hours" even though his lab partners were all half hearted in the middle of their research.

nother example will be a little bit unheard to the public unless u all know arts very well. Vincent van Gogh, a dutch post-impressionist. Mayb some of u had heard bout the tales of his, but for general information, van Gogh had cut off his left ear ear lobe and had halucinations after the breakdown in his friendship with Paul Gauguin. From then onwards, he had painted several world renowned piece of art namely the Potrait of Dr Gachet, The Starry Night, Still Life with Absinthe and others.

Wat if Thomas Elva Edison and Vincent van Gogh did not pick themselves up from the fall n continue their journey? mayb we wont have florescent light tube, dun have Potrait of Dr Gachet tat sells at 82.5 mil USD n went missing after tat, dun have sound recorder and dun have modern impressionism drawings. Same as the footballers, dun b happy juz because u r in 2nd team hopping tat sepp blatter's wish to impose the players quota will come true n sit there waiting for the good news. If tats the case, I would recommend u to go become the water boy of the team. Try hard, prove urself to the manager tat u can be better than the foreigners. Show some effort, no more sitting there waiting for luck fallin down from the sky.. :)