06 August 2010

Dusting off

Checking back my entries, it had been a while since my last update. I was way too occupied with all the workload (shit you control!@@) and those thinkings that suddenly popped up in my mind. (Have been always wondering how good if I can control my mind to think only those good sweet moments and to leave those bitter sad moment kept locked deep down beyond the reach of my subconscious)

Just to let off some steam, I went to watch Inception on Thursday night after work with one of the many trainees in my company. The movie is great, story line was beyond words and good job, I was made dumb founded without any words to say at the end of the movie.

Lead by Leonardo DiCaprio, the movie is about extracting information from one's mind and to implant one whole new idea in one subconscious. In the movie, Leonardo starred as the extractor and as story moves on, he was given a mission to implant an idea that will cause a great business empire to go shattering into dust. With those breath-taking scenes, the movie started off with a dream and ended with a dream. A must watch movie as Kevin Wong stated and I totally agreed with it.

19 June 2010

My 1st kuantan trip~~~~

I went down to Kuantan for a work trip last week and frankly speaking, city life aside, Kuantan is a place for relaxation and mind-calming. City boy like me would find Kuantan a boring place but Kuantan is a place blessed with beautiful beaches and various kinds of seafood to satisfy the taste buds of its visitors.

Snapshot from Teluk Cempedak, attraction of Kuantan

05 June 2010

Sunday morning~~~~~~~

I always wondering why am I staying at home on a bright Sunday where I can go out and spend my time out there somewhere with friends. I got the time and my financial status haven't come to a completely drained situation so I bet I got the essentials to go out and have fun but yet I was stuck at home enduring the hot weather with only my Compaq Presario V3000 to accompany me with the tunes and the vids I had downloaded before hand.

Listen, are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?

- Mary Oliver

30 May 2010


现时凌晨2时49分, 已数不清我在温暖的被窝里翻覆了多少遍. 在于明日的繁忙工作安排里我是很需要那宝贵的睡眠,但偏偏此刻的我却一点睡意也没有. 套一句广东话: 鬼打这样精神. 闲来无事就只好到这里来发泄, 希望发泄过后睡意会排山倒海似的卷来.